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Evil Dead Trap

Nami is a television reporter who has a show that’s in danger of cancellation for being too “fluffy.” When she receives a shockingly realistic video tape of a woman being murdered, she decides to investigate and hopefully save her show. The tape leads her and her crew into an abandoned factory, where their dance with death begins.

For those who thought realistic gore can only be found in 1970’s Italian flicks, I give you “Evil Dead Trap”, a film renowned for some amazing effects, and deservedly so. Obviously influenced by such auteurs as Raimi, Fulci and Argento, “…Trap” is stylish and unafraid to let tension linger and build, but neither
is it afraid to simply go for the throat in some of the more elaborately designed kills I’ve seen on film in a while.

In the first two thirds of the movie, not only is the viewer treated to some absolutely convincing deaths and gratuitous nudity (although a rape scene goes on far too long and is difficult to watch), but also some very creative use of light. The film is quite suspenseful considering how ludicrous it is for these characters to continue to go stomping loudly around the factory corridors when there’s no electricity and they’re dying off so quickly. Of course, who really takes the time to design such Rube Goldberg contraptions to kill people, anyway? Somehow though, it all works.

The final third, however, is so bizarre and preposterous that it becomes impossible to stay scared. That doesn’t mean it’s any less entertaining however (and I did have a grin on my face until the end), but the sudden change in tone really undermines what could have been an incredibly gripping film throughout.

For those who like this sort of thing (and you already know if you are, I suspect), “Evil Dead Trap” is a definite must see, and a hell of a brutal film that works hard for your entertainment.

An eye gouging that’s every bit as good as the one you all know and love. Very creative kills, but also (surprisingly) sparse in spots where it simply wants to build tension. This is not just a plotless gorefest like the “Guinea Pig” series.
The final third: WTF?!
Review Rating:
4 out of 5 close shaves with a crossbow.

Dead Trap” (1988)

Also known as: “Shiryo no wana”; “Evil Dead’s Trap”
105 Minutes; Japan
Not Rated, but easily equivalent to an R (if not an NC-17) for explicit violence, gore, nudity, sexual content and a scene of rape.


Miyuki Ono (Nami Tsuchiya)
Aya Katsuragi (Masako Abe)
Hitomi Kobayashi (Rei Sugiura)
Eriko Nakagawa (Rya Kawamura)
Masahiko Abe (Akio Kondou)
Yuji Honma (Daisuke Muraki)

Directed by:
Toshiharu Ikeda
Written by:
Takashi Ishii
Viewing Format:
DVD (from Synapse Films)


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