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Shibuya Kaidan 2

“Shibuya Kaidan 2″ starts off pretty much where the first one left off, only the stupidity begins right away this time. Pre-credits, we get a shot of a guy rolling around in the middle of the road screaming. Then we get a hospital scene in which, when someone dies, the doctor rushes in, listens for a heartbeat by placing his head on the chest (!), shines a light in the patient’s eyes and that’s it. No crash cart, no resuscitation attempts, nothing. I hope I never get sick in Japan.

Thankfully, the film actually gets better as it progresses, and I jumped at least twice. The climactic scene was also pretty good, except it was marred by a couple more unintentionally funny shots.

This being a curse/revenge type flick, the ghost, now identified as Sachiko (and it’s not really a spoiler telling you this) comes into her own in Part 2; and is responsible for some more creative kills this time around. If the series continues (and if a decent script can be worked out), she could become a real badass comparable to Sadako. “Shibuya Kaidan 2” comes closer, but it still has a way to go. The problem is that, in order to understand this film, you need to see the more mundane first installment. With any luck though, we’ll get a more polished (and creepier) theatrical release, a la “Ju-On.”

Pros: A couple of good jump scenes; thicker tension this time. Sachiko becomes a creepy little bugger.
Cons: Still content to rip off other, better films (yet another “Dark Water” visual is lifted for use here)
Review Rating: 3 out of 5 chiropractors are only three feet tall in this flick.

Shibuya Kaidan 2” (2004)
Also known as “Spirit of Vengeance 2”
71 Minutes; Japan
Not rated, but probably equivalent to a PG13 for terror and disturbing situations.

Asami Mizukawa
Syuji Kashiwabara
Horikita Maki
Directed by: Horie Kei
Viewing Format: Import VCD (bundled with “Shibuya Kaidan ”)

(Originally published on HorrorWatch)


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