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Slaughter Disc

Mike is a loser with a dead end life. He also has an inability to keep a job and a girlfriend due to his addiction to pornography. When he sees a magazine cover with new hardcore porn actress Andromeda Strange (played by real-life porn star Caroline Pierce), her penchant for the bizarre (“Why is she banned in every country?” asks the cover) is just the thing he’s looking for. He races home and orders her DVD from the internet.

That’s when the film starts borrowing from “The Ring”, as Andromeda’s disc begins to take on a life of its own. The very first scene Mike watches begins with Andromeda masturbating herself, and ends with her cutting her own throat. When Mike gets put off by the violence, he leaves; when he returns much later Andromeda is back on his television, very much dead but still interested in sex. The next hour is filled with everything from cannibalism to a grotesquely realistic vomit scene.

I haven’t yet told you one important detail about this film: “Slaughter Disc” is, itself, a hardcore pornographic film. In it, people come then they go. Literally.

“Slaughter Disc” is not the first horror porn film, although a search only turns up one other such flick (“Hardgore”) from way back in 1974 so, for all intents and purposes, this is a pretty original idea. Director David Quitmeyer leaves almost no taboo untouched, and the film is suitably splatter filled. Twice I turned away from the screen (“Tell me she’s not gonna eat that!” a friend said when I replayed one such moment for her). It made me uncomfortable. It was difficult to watch. In the world of horror, this is a good thing.

The acting is pretty solid (with the exception of a horribly inept “cameo” from the director that drops my rating down by a half point), but special mention must be made of Caroline Pierce’s performance. Yes, she can actually act, and “Slaughter Disc” uses her to good effect. Some of the looks she gives in the film sent chills down my spine. Her character is manic and thoroughly evil, and I had almost as much of a blast watching her as she seems to have had playing Andromeda.

The main complaint I have with “Slaughter Disc” (and, make no mistake, I was fully prepared to hate it all), is the hardcore sex that runs through it. I’m not against pornography in the least and a little in the film would have been fine, but it simply makes no sense to put extended scenes of explicit footage in a film like this. People who want to get off are going to be left flaccid by the gore, and people who want to watch a horror flick will be simply bored by the pornography. So who, then, is this film for?

I don’t believe “Slaughter Disc” is anti-porn any more than it is anti-cannibalism; it simply is what it is: a damned impressive first effort at serious film making by Quitmeyer, but one that needs some trimming to make it a classic. It would have gotten a 4.5 out of 5 from me if it had cut down (not necessarily out) the hardcore sex scenes, and if the director had resisted the urge to appear in a speaking role (a shame, really; that would have been the highest rating I’ve ever given to an independent film). Other than those two missteps however, and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, “Slaughter Disc” is a winner.

Pros: The gore is excessive and exquisite. Pierce is wonderfully fun to watch.
Cons: The first sex scene alone is twelve minutes. That’s ten minutes too long, and there are a few more like it.
Review Rating: 3.5 out of 5 whacks with a hammer, and you have the beginnings of a tasty stew. Yum!

Slaughter Disc” (2005)
Also known as: “Slaughter Disc: A Tale From The Carnal Morgue”
90 Minutes; USA
Not rated, but wouldn’t even pass an NC-17 for scenes of explicit sex and violence. This film is NOT for minors.

Caroline Pierce (Andromeda Strange)
Robert Williams (Mike)
Jewels Mackenzie (Carrie)
Travis Lee (John)
Kristen Quitmeyer (Neighbor)

Written and Directed by: David Quitmeyer
Viewing Format: DVD

(Originally published on HorrorWatch)


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